Coaching And Workplace Issues

Coaching is a goal oriented and fast moving approach to understanding challenges you are facing in your career and then designing a plan to implement change.  The ultimate goal is for you to be more successful at work, whatever success may mean for you.  Challenges may be very specific (communciation struggles, difficulty managing your emotions at work) or something broader (confusion about career direction, struggles with confidence, loss of meaning).  Coaching also takes into account your priorities and values and we use this information to help guide our work in helping you become more fulfulled in your professional life.

How my background informs my coaching

My PhD in psychology allows me to identify issues that may be holding you back from realizing your goals.  My experiences as an executive, a manager, at start-ups and in the board room. along with my first hand knowledge of a range of industries including technology, healthcare, media and academia, provide me with an understanding of a range of workplace cultures and dynamics.  These experiences enable me both think deeply and have a practical understanding of your life situation to help you make sustainable change.

How does coaching work?

I like to have our first coaching meeting in person, if possible.  Following this, we can meet in person or by phone or video.  In addition to our one-on-ones, coaching also involves work that it done outside of our meetings.  Often, there will be "homework" so you can experiment and test new strategies.  This allows you to practice things we are working on and gives us real world data to help us in our work together. Sometimes the coaching will include tools like assessments to pinpoint areas of strengths and challenges, it may also include meetings with colleagues or 360's.  

Areas of Specialization and Interest

  • Managing diifficult emotions (increase emotional awareness of yourself and others)
  • Leadership development (building trust, authentic leading)
  • Struggles for women in the workplace 
  • Self esteem, struggles with confidence, imposture syndrome
  • Communication challenges (express yourself more effectively, better understand others communications) 
  • Work / Life balance 

Coaching Packages

  • coming soon