& Consultation


People seek therapy for many different reasons.  It may be for a serious struggle or it may be for a desire for growth and self improvement.  Whether you are unhappy in your relationships, overwhelmed by recent life changes, or suffering because you feel stuck or paralyzed by conflict or self criticism, therapy can provide needed relief and a path toward a better life. Perhaps you are getting by just fine, but want something more.  Therapy is also an effective way to strengthen life skills and build resilience.

  • I work with adolescents, adults and couples who come to me with a wide array of concerns from varied backgrounds.  
  • I also work with senior executives wanting to become more skillful leaders and young managers navigating career issues.  

My style is warm, compassionate, collaborative and nonjudgemental and I draw from a variety of evidence based and effective approaches.  We will work together so you can become more aware of the patterns in your life and make changes to decrease emotional pain and increase your ability to make choices and live a more satisfying life.

In addition to in-office meetings, I also offer phone and video meetings.